the best part of living on the other side

….of a cove ringed with vacation rentals is watching people interact with the water. On Fridays, we’ll hear the excited tones of the newcomers at the dock of Harris Cove Bed N Boat, and before long, the sounds of boat motors. Some of them come prepared to catch crabs, and jump on that task straightaway, focused. Sometimes in early morning, I’ll have a quiet conversation with one, each of us swinging legs off of our respective dock, watching the blue heron and the swan feed, as the tide slowly moves in or out. I met these three charming youngsters on Friday. The one in front was about to get a fat crab from my trap, since we were leaving for the weekend. He wanted me to just toss it into his kayak. Not. I gave it to him in a bucket.

They hung around, talking for a bit. Then I gave him the crab and they went off to show it off – “hey, DAd! LOOK!”

~ by kbosin on July 19, 2011.

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