Quinky-dink? Hmm……..

I’m not sure.

Here’s the thing.

Ever since Jesse died, Zip has CHANGED.

Did I mention that the changes are BIG?


She’s – honestly – a different dog.

Sweet. Listens. Wants to hang out near us, as opposed to running far away.

Looks at us, seems interested in us.

Positions herself near us, often. Just sitting. (!)

(almost afraid to say this) stopped barking. No shriek-barking at all.

Easy. Comes when she’s called. (!)

It’s more than remarkable. Even Cynthia mentioned it this past week at the cabin, maybe 30 times.

So yesterday, we were in the cab of the truck, all 3 of us, and I hugged her and asked Kevin “do you think that maybe a little bit of Jesse stayed with us, a little of her energy came into Zip when she died in May?”

And at that very instant, I looked over at a minivan that was driving by on my side. On the back of the window was a big green sticker with a dogprint and the word “Jesse” in the middle. Spelled “Jesse”, not “Jessie”.


Kev says “quinky-dink” (coincidence). I say – “hmmmmmmm”…….

~ by kbosin on July 21, 2011.

4 Responses to “Quinky-dink? Hmm……..”

  1. Hmmmmm….indeed.


  3. Wow, that is SO cool!

  4. Great story.
    We had a dog that was terrible. Mom put an ad in the paper to get rid of her and I swear, the next day she was the best dog ever. Not counting the time she grabbed a sack of White Castles off the table. But hey, we all slip sometimes.

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