What’s 232 years old?

You know, it takes a village to celebrate 232 years. Yesterday, July 21 – one little day, contained three Mayberry birthdays – Carol Kabler – 96 years old, Becky Otter – 86 years old, and me – 50. What a party and what a great group of people! Tons of great food, Susan made TWO chocolate cakes, and Martha wrote (and read aloud to us all) – a poem. Renny led more than two Hip Hip Hoorays. So many people came, including my Mom and Dad. Wow, best birthday ever! (we missed you, Carrie!)



Here's the poem (this is so Martha, always doing things like this)

Dear Carol and Becky and Kathy,
Three women of stellar repute
You’re dear to our hearts
Cause around these parts,
No one deserves a more spirited salute.

Carol, the first, with more years than the rest
Ever honest and ever direct,
holds us to task
And of us, only asks
That our grammar be ever correct.

Becky, another of stature and rank,
no less a mind of distinction
On three wheels or four
you will find her, for sure,
consistenly fomenting sedition.

Kathy, the young’un, has a way yet to go,
But we know she will rise to the mark.
With such models before her
we’re all rooting for her
To carry ever forward the spark.

Now. How cool is that? LUCKY!

Special thanks to Carol, Sandy, Lauren, Mike and Kirke for cleaning and cooking and prepping and hosting!

~ by kbosin on July 22, 2011.

2 Responses to “What’s 232 years old?”

  1. Oh my gosh, that is SO cool that you had a combined b’day shindig. What a fun idea. Happy Birthday, you youngin’! Hugs!

  2. Wow! How cool is this!! Happy 232! Sounds like an awesome celebration.

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