It’s not summer if you don’t go to at least one swim meet

O yea. The smell of chlorine, the excitement of kids pumped up on sugar, watching the big boys go REALLY FAST at the end of the night, eating some junk food and getting splashed. Super fun. I went down to St. Mary’s County, Maryland last week to watch one of Rachel’s last swim meets of the season. Go Wildewood MARLINS!

So what’s this? Tip sheet – this shows the kids their Event number, their Heat, and their Lane. No missing, with this printed right on you. Oh, and does that say she’s in event number 8 and ALSO in event number 57? Yes, it does. Oh…

Ok then. Settle in for a long evening. And it was – from 6pm till 9:45. And I ended up loving every bit of it.

Here’s Rachel after her second race – her heart was beating so fast that everybody could feel it. And she won her heat – YES!

Love watching the little kids, especially the ones who are new to swimming. Such gumption they demonstrate! Once you dive in, there’s not much to do but get to the other side.

And style is everything.

Here’s an example of a start that’s not going to end up very well. Can you feel it? Smack!

My sister and two of her close friends.

Go Rachel!

I heard a whoosh – and a group of boys went running past me. I overheard something about “just milk the nipple”, but I couldn’t see what they were doing…….

No babies tonight.

Very effective signage.

“A” for effort.

And next morning, after practice, she lines up her booty. Sweet.

~ by kbosin on July 26, 2011.

One Response to “It’s not summer if you don’t go to at least one swim meet”

  1. Much fun to have you here! thanks for the nice blog. Although, I want the other pictures!

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