Welcome rain, welcome clouds

For the third day in a row, after so much relentless heat, this cool and rainy weather is refreshing and agreeable. Several times, the heavens opened and water simply poured down, thick and heavy. A breeze ensued. The grass greened up and even the insects chirp differently now, sated. A sense of relief.

I heard on the radio that in 1910, 72% of Americans lived in rural areas. Today, just 16% of Americans do. Such a shift in 99 years! And as much as I love city living, I’m so grateful that right now, I’m one of the 16%. I get to breathe in this rich wet air while watching the heron, listen to minnows flip through the grass at high tide, and take long quiet walks without a car in sight. It’s hard to hurry on a quiet, cloudy morning like this one, way down on a peninsula on another peninsula, on a quiet country road. I think I won’t even try.

~ by kbosin on August 4, 2011.

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