Bay Hundred’s favorite veterinarian…

…is without a doubt – Dr. Michael Coughlan, who opened up All Pets Veterinary Hospital in St. Michaels just a few years ago. Arriving in town at about the same time we did, Dr. Coughlan quickly became part of this community, and it seemed that in just one flash, he was EVERYONE'S vet.

Why? Personality. A smart and competent vet, Dr. Coughlan is easy to talk with, understands people as well as animals, and has fun at work. He's kind to your pet, and compassionate with you. He's involved as a community volunteer in addition to running a busy office and fathering a few kids. He gets in his car the moment there's an emergency, and doesn't let on if he's tired or thinks your emergency isn't such a big deal. Even Zip likes him.

Dr. Coughlan helped us thrice in times of pain and need – first, when CeCe, (sweet cat) got sick in 2008. His office wasn’t even open yet on that Saturday morning, though he and his wife stopped there to meet the carpenters finishing laying the floors. We came in with the dying cat, and he gently examined her, and kindly helped her take her last breaths. I remember Cynthia was visiting from St. Louis, and she, Kevin and I wept that morning, as we said goodbye. Even Dr. Coughlan’s wife, discreetly in the background, was sniffing back tears.

In 2009, my friend’s dog got a stick stuck in her throat (we thought) and after we spent far too long sticking our arms down her throat to get it out, we called Dr. Coughlan, who had just got home after a long Friday at work. He got back in his car and came all the way back to St. Michaels, just to peek into the dog’s mouth, and grab the stick that was stuck between her top teeth. Emergency? Hardly. But to us it was.

Then just two short months ago, Dr. Coughlan came out to the car in his parking lot to help us with Jesse. And he was so understanding, sympathetic, helpful. Gentle. Loving. And he sent a sympathy card that broke my heart.

You can find him at 915 Talbot St. in St. Michaels, 410-745-5275. He just moved his family from Easton to St. Michaels. And, YES – he does house calls.

~ by kbosin on August 6, 2011.

2 Responses to “Bay Hundred’s favorite veterinarian…”

  1. I recently switched to All Pets when the AC went out in my car. Due to Ghia’s comfort and economics, I wanted to keep my business/travel close to home. I like the homey feeling there. But I must say, Community Animal Hospital and Dr. Chad are very caring….shucks, vets/animal lovers are a special breed. LOVE YOUR BLOG!!

  2. Thanks, Marcy!

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