visit with the Ms

….four of them – Monte, Marcy, Maddy and Maia (Kev’s younger brother, wife and our middle nieces) – for two quick days last week. GREAT time! Did some boating, some playing, some cooking, riding and eating. (Yes, that’s fig and feta pizza, cooked in the outdoor oven at the Kabler’s.) The girls loved taking a lesson at Country Comfort Farm near Claiborne, and Julia was a terrific teacher. Nice time all around! Thanks for coming! Come back soon!

~ by kbosin on August 15, 2011.

3 Responses to “visit with the Ms”

  1. Gosh, gorgeous girls and looks like lots of fun! What a great visit. I know you are lucky to be part of such an awesome family (and equally, they are lucky to have you)

  2. yup – awesome family indeed. You guys next! Come on out!

  3. What fond memories kathy and what a beautiful way to remember them. Thank you so much for hosting us and showing us the bay through a new set of lenses. love to you and Kev. The Ms

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