Day at Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth Beach. A great place to visit. The last time I posted here about Rehoboth Beach, I put something about all of the signs saying “MANDANCE” in the title, and it still get hits every single day.

Kev, Zip and I went to visit my parents who live just outside of Rehoboth early this week, and hung around a little. As always, Rehoboth Beach does not disappoint. Unlike all the other beaches around here (sorry Ocean City, but yuck-o), Rehoboth is classy, clean and consistent.  And for everyone around here complaining about the economy, asking where all the people are….I gotta tell ya – they’re in Rehoboth Beach. The town was PACKED.

I’m not sure what it is, but I still get the same excited feeling in my stomach every single time I drive into Rehoboth. Maybe it’s my own teenage past, remembering the scents and sights, that stirs up my enthusiasm. Or simply some kind of subliminal messages to my stomach every time I see a Grotto Pizza sign. Or Thrashers Fries. Or Nic-O-Boli. Most likely, it’s my own deep memory, going back 40 some years, time and again to this place. One small town with a big impact.

And my Dad hooked up the outdoor shower, just for me. (YES!) Thanks, Dad!

Thanks, Rehoboth Beach! Another great pile of memories to add to my giant sandy, salty, delicious, summertime memory bank. With ice pops, watermelon, sand in my bathing suit and the smell of chlorine. And greasy french fries. And wind that sticks wet, salty hair against your face. And walking the boards with my family. Sweet.

~ by kbosin on August 19, 2011.

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