Native persimmons

…are falling onto the road at the end of our driveway. Wild blackberries on one end of the property, and now persimmons on the other. They’re small, and I checked with my friend Eric Applegarth (native of Dorchester County, expert on all things Chesapeake) before eating them. He cautioned that most persimmons are most edible in late fall, after several frosts have softened them and reduced their astringency. But we tried one anyway – and wow! Delicious! Thick and succulent, pithy and pulpy, sweet. Could be that the native persimmons have a different calendar.

I totally love it when free, nutritious, delicious food falls right out of the sky and plops down in front of me.

~ by kbosin on August 20, 2011.

8 Responses to “Native persimmons”

  1. Lucky you…we used to have those where I grew up. My grandpa used to cut the seeds open to predict the weather.

    • Whoa! Tell me more about that! Did you know what he was looking for? I love that stuff.

      • Yep. He always said if the inside of the seed looked like a knife it was going to be icy, a spoon meant snowy, and a fork shape meant a mild winter. We also used to use the wooly worms to predict the winter – more black meant a bad winter, more brown meant a mild winter.

      • Thank you! Yes, my grandmother did the wooly bear thing too. I love this stuff, and am making a calendar with as much of this as I can find. Also things like – plant your corn when the oak leaves are the size of squirrel’s ears… I’m going to go check a persimmon seed……

  2. We had a huge persimmon tree next door where I grew up in Alabama. I just remember it being messy and the fruit was tart, made you pucker up something fierce so nobody wanted to eat them.

    • That’s exactly what I was expecting, but it was thick and sweet. I’m going to make some peach jam this morning and add some persimmons to it.

  3. Does anyone around you make fig butter? I tried some from TJs this weekend and it was yum,yum,yummy!

    • I haven’t tried fig butter yet. But now I want to……. I’ll be in Annapolis on Wednesday and that’s reason enough for me to stop at Trader Joes and get some. Thanks! Stay tuned…………….

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