Double rainbow and a hurricane coming

The double is only barely visible on the right side of this picture, taken last evening at dusk but it was very visible to us on the ground. Beautiful!

Preparations for Hurricane Irene continue, including news last evening that Ocean City will be evacuated by tomorrow evening. My parents in Delaware are getting nervous, and this is yet another time that I am glad that we retired our televisions way back in 2006. I can only imagine the scary theme music that’s no doubt already frightening people all over the east coast watching the weather channel.

For us – preparation includes getting some water, batteries, extra wine and food (I think we’ll make that delicious ricotta cheese during this hurricane), moving furniture off the dock, stuff out of the yard, bikes away, etc. We’ll spend some time today helping neighbors and friends put things up and away, and Kevin will head to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum to help secure boats, exhibits, etc.

Stay tuned. You’ll hear all about it.

~ by kbosin on August 26, 2011.

One Response to “Double rainbow and a hurricane coming”

  1. It was awesome! Stay safe this weekend.

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