More Hurricane Irene preparations on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay

It’s funny, trying to figure out how to prepare for a hurricane, especially on a beautiful and sunny day. Well, let’s see……I’ve got water, batteries in the flashlights and radio, plenty of food (but not too much, lest it go bad or get wet), extra beer and wine, a fresh pound of Rise Up coffee. I tried to re-fill my tank this afternoon, but St. Michaels Highs is out of gas, and the lines at the Sunoco were bordering on unsafe (sticking out in the road), so I decided to bring my extra loot home and try again later or tomorrow for more gas. Gas in the car is the main way, potentially – to re-charge cell phones and the Ipad – if power goes out. And they’re saying we should expect that power will go out. Kevin has spent the past two days helping our friends and neighbors and the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum do stuff to prepare for the storm – now it’s time for OUR plan.

Here’s Kevin’s hurricane plan, now a couple days old:

We’ve got the coolers on the porch in case the electric goes out (we can stick a frozen chicken with other food in one cooler and probably handle two days of keeping that food cold and safe). Actually, we could probably live off the fat in our bodies for weeks before we had some kind of weird blood sugar thing, we’d just REALLY need water.


Justine’s Ice Cream Shop in St. Michaels was the first in town to start boarding up windows – this photo, taken about 30 minutes ago – at 3:30 on Friday:

…you know that once someone starts, they’ll all follow. We’ll go back in later and see what the town looks like – it’s really low-lying. Not good.

It’s weird. I walk around, tucking things inside the porch, the studio, still need to bring everything off the dock. My parents decided to leave southern Delaware – they’re a few miles west of Lewes, near Rehoboth Beach, which should feel the full effect of this hurricane. And no, they didn’t want to come here – Dad wants OFF the island that is Delmarva. Bounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the Chesapeake Bay and the C&D Canal, Delmarva floats independently.

The sun shines on, and music is playing from across the water, seems like a regular weekend. I wonder if I’m squandering critical hours, not boarding up windows or something like that. I even thought that maybe we should get some tarps around, in case water ends up penetrating the house or studio.

UPDATE – just talked to Mom, on the phone in the car where they are evacuating Sussex County, Delaware, and fleeing to Pennsylvania, with thousands of other cars. Mom was pretty freaked. They were just going to go off on their own and figure out a place to stay through the storm – get a hotel somewhere. Then a friend called her and said hotel rooms are going fast. So they’re going to Kevin’s parents’ instead, in Akron, PA. Mom said that Rt. One through Dover, Delaware is literally inching along. She said it looks like what we saw on TV before Katrina – lines on the highways, cars out of gas or with flat tires on the side of the road with babies and families, etc. *She could be exaggerating here.

So I just wandered outside, looking around, confused and took a picture – this is what it looks like right now here:

Remember – there’s little Henry Byrn’s grave, at 5:30 on the clock. I’ll use little Henry as a baseline. See how cool you still are, little Henry Byrn?, all involved with this hurricane like you are.

You can see we have a kayak, two chairs, etc – to bring up to safety. Hurry!


No. The storm isn’t coming till tomorrow evening.

Oh, ok!

Now what?

Go get gas? Can’t!

Oh, dear – I guess I could go buy more stuff?

No. Relax.


~ by kbosin on August 26, 2011.

3 Responses to “More Hurricane Irene preparations on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay”

  1. Wow, amazing and surreal. Check out the blog post below on eating in hurricane, they had some interesting info … and be careful! I thought of you this morning and thought, I bet Kathy is buying wine because that works well at room temperature. Don’t forget the water though, if the treatment plant is impacted you might be under a boil order. Keep everyone posted.

    • Terrific! Funny you should bring this up, because I’ve been thinking about the same thing, Your link brings to mind a million things, so I think I’ll do a post about that topic – what I did to prepare, food wise – thanks Cynthia! Great idea, because I have been focused and smart on this very topic.

  2. Good luck and stay safe, Kathy! I’ll keep you guys in my thoughts.

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