Preparing food and supplies for Hurricane Irene

Just Kevin and I, and potentially neighbors. Here’s what I did:

Water – I bought one case of (not purified!) spring water in 16 oz. bottles, and two individual gallons. I can make two additional gallons using iced tea containers, etc. Scrubbed the bathtub, so we can fill it up if we need to for washing.  Always remember you’ve got 40 gallons of water in your hot water heater. Check.

Ice. Icemaker full. Filled a couple extra Ziplox gallon bags with ice cubes, and have two frozen chickens, two frozen ice bars, and all kinds of clumps of frozen stuff (pizza dough) if we need it.

Food – Just went out to the garden and picked what was ripe. Food bought and grown includes a pile of fresh tomatoes, 3 avocados, 2 eggplant, pile of red and yellow onions, pile yellow finn potatoes, 2 heads garlic, lettuce, spinach, broccoli, shrimp, lemons, big bunch basil, chives and thyme, one box bowtie pasta, one bag fettucine, one loaf bread, four cans tuna, 3 cans black beans, plus whatever was already in my pantry (plenty). Just cooked four chicken breasts to make chicken salad for later. I’m making some flax and orange bran muffins right now. Kevin just made us pancakes with that awesome black cherry syrup from the Ms. Refrigerator is packed with food. We have three coolers ready to deploy on the porch. Brought the charcoal grill and charcoal onto the screened porch.

We have bags packed (just in case) and we lifted some stuff off the floors.  Got the boots and raincoats by the door.

Now we’re off to St. Michaels to see what’s going on. I’d like a sense of if people are staying, going, whatever. If we decide to evacuate, we’d better do it soon. Otherwise, we’ll be potentially contributing to the problem by being out there on the roads in a hurricane. That would be really stupid.

~ by kbosin on August 27, 2011.

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