St. Michaels preps for Hurricane Irene

All is well in St. Michaels – the farmer’s market was still going when we drove by around 9am, and there were plenty of people around. A number of buildings on the west side of Talbot Street are boarded up.

We drove down to Claiborne to take a look:

Now, at ten am, the rain has begun and winds are picking up a little. We’ve received a flurry of phone calls from friends and neighbors – seems everyone is staying put. Irene was reduced to a Category One storm this morning. I think we’ll go spend some time in the studio, lifting things up off the floor, just in case. That building sits a little lower than the house.

I’ll keep you posted. Kevin got really irritated with me and my camera this morning – “But of course I have to go in to St. Michaels! Honey, I’m a citizen journalist! I’m live blogging the hurricane!”

He snorted. “Right, Kath. WhatEVER.”

~ by kbosin on August 27, 2011.

20 Responses to “St. Michaels preps for Hurricane Irene”

  1. Keep live blogging!

  2. Pay no attention to him, we need you on the job!

  3. please keep blogging. My 82 yr old father in law is in your area and wouldn’t leave. We’re in Texas and worried.


  5. Same here…keeping posting. My parents live on the San Domingo creek on Tricefield Court. they are 75 and 77 years old and won’t leave.
    I live in Illinois and worry.


  6. We are thinking of moving to St. Michaels’, so your information on how the area is holding up is great…Keep it up.
    Thanks, Heidi, stuck in Tennessee

  7. Good glad to hear no flooding yet. Their dock is about 75 yards from their house and my father will undoubtedly want to go “check” on his boat

  8. SO???? How did every make out? Hopefully, little or no damage to speak of. You were all in my thot’s.
    Heidi, still stuck in Tennessee

  9. It’s 8:30 AM on August 29th. Is anyone still there? Seriously, how bad did it turn out in Saint Michael’s. I visited in July and it seemed live a very low-lying area.

    • All is well in St. Michaels. With the exception of an unfortunate few who had trees come down – there is zero evidencce of any storm damage at all. Remember, this hurricane blew water OUT of the Bay, not INTO it like Hurricane Isabel did, causing so much damage. You’re right that St. Michaels is low lying – last summer I watched kayakers paddling down Talbot Street after a thunderstorm. St. Michaels tends to flood often. But not this weekend. Water levels remained the same as usual, even at high tide. The parking lot by Rusticana Pizza was flooded Sunday morning, but the water had drained out by the end of the day. I did talk with Norm this morning in Claiborne, who had a story about his friend Steve on Macks Lane in McDaniel – apparently five huge oaks dropped and landed on his house. VERY bad situation. But for the majority of us in Bay Hundred – Irene was a non-issue.

  10. Thank you for the update!

  11. Please send more pictures of St. Michaels after Irene. Curious how our previous home took the weather – 109 E. Chew Ave?

  12. Glad to hear all is good, and everyone is doing OK. (Did you loose electricity? That was the big deal, up in the Boston area.)

    Heidi, still stuck in Tennessee, with no sign of rain…and we need it badly…not Irene badly,tho.

    • Thanks Heidi – yes, our electric was out for about 20 hours – just long enough for us to really realize how much we depend on it. Hope rain comes your way! And thanks!

  13. Hopefully, Justine’s had a generator…..Or was there an Ice Cream Special?
    I love how they boarded up the shops in town. Any more pictures?
    Heidi, wishing I was there….not still stuck in Tennessee

  14. OK, now that things are getting back to “normal(?) ‘, for you (Irene long gone)…We would like to head up to St. Michael’s. and check everything out. We were thinking of a long (long, right..three days) weekend, in Novemeber. Would you give me an idea where to stay? We are completely laid wise comments please, because we are comming from Tennessee…We ARE from up there…Cape Cod, to be exact. Close enough to walk into town? Maybe someone could advise us…?(We are husband is thinking…I already made my mind up (what is left of it) , to move back North.) I have to be by the water. Any information, would be most appreciated.
    Many thanks,
    Heidi, still…not for long, I hope…..stuck in Tennessee

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