Update – Hurricane Irene – Bozman, MD, 3:45pm Saturday 8/27/11

Three thirty and the hurricane isn’t even technically here yet, but we’ve had several inches of rain, and periodic winds. Just like you might imagine from looking at those spirals on the weather channel, you can see and feel when the storm is spinning our way.

But so far, it’s not anything that we haven’t seen before. Standing on the porch, there were a few wind blasts that made my heart go “whoa”!

It’s a little disconcerting to see that the neighbor – Harris Cove Bed N Boat – boarded up one of his cottages on the cove across from us……

But so far, so good. We’ve been on the phone with family and friends and neighbors. Everybody’s cooking through this hurricane. I got some great pic messages of breads and fig pie from Carrie, and Julie next door is making crab soup and something with mushrooms. I made chicken salad with broccoli and spinach and grapes, and some of those yummy orange-flax-bran muffins. 

I’m thinking about shrimp and grits, and it’s soon time to go to the neighbors.

Of course we’ll keep watch. Stay tuned. Until then…..here’s Kev and Zip, watching Netflix.

All is well. Over and out.

~ by kbosin on August 27, 2011.

4 Responses to “Update – Hurricane Irene – Bozman, MD, 3:45pm Saturday 8/27/11”

  1. Thanks for the update and the cool blog! My parents live in Claiborne, MD and I was searching “eastern shore hurricane Irene” to see what was going on. Your blog came up. Love the photo of Justine’s! You will now be my go-to site for the latest updates! : )

  2. Too Funny, I sent them the link to your blog and they replied, “She is a friend of ours!” (Jack/Judy Harrald in Claiborne.) They spent the week on the shore with my kids, and are in a Baltimore hotel tonight. We flew out this morning from BWI, missing all the hurricane fun….hope you stay dry and safe! Thanks, again, for the updates and photos.

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