Sunday morning Irene update

We seem to have made it through Hurricane Irene ok. Just drove through St. Michaels and I’m at Renny’s in Claiborne now. Trees down, etc. Power is off in Bozman, parts of St. Michaels, parts of Claiborne. But no major damage evident at this time. Having difficulty with the 3 G, but otherwise ok. Electric is out in Bozman, parts of St. Michaels.  We lost our power around eleven last night. I am surprised at how little water we see, no measurable difference in water level from a few days ago. Will post photos when I can, but not much damage, not much to see. Whew!

We heard a large tree fall sometime in the middle of the night, and this morning, see that it was a large oak that fell a good block away, on the Bozman Neavitt Road.

My sister reports lots of trees down in California, MD. In fact, she said that her neighborhood, Wildewood, looks like a disaster zone – it is a heavily wooded area.


~ by kbosin on August 28, 2011.

5 Responses to “Sunday morning Irene update”

  1. Thanks for the update…elderly parents live on San Domingo creek…I’m in Illinois …sounds like St.. Michaels fared decently

  2. Our father in law seems to have weathered the storm with only minor damage. He sounded worn out. Thank you for the blog. This was our only real connection with what happening in that area. It was very comforting and extremely helpful.

  3. Thanks for the update. We’ve been following the storm on TV and worried about all our friends back East. Glad it wasn’t as bad as predicted.

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