A couple more St. Michaels post-hurricane pics for Craig

One of our readers asked for pics of his old house in St. Michaels. Here you go Craig – a few shots of your old house (looks like it’s back on the market again – you could come back!) As you can see, with the exception of some leaf litter and a few sticks, there’s no damage. Also a photo of the harbor view at the end of your old street. Photos were taken yesterday.

Cute house!

Today’s Star Democrat has a round-up of damage in our region. One woman died in Queenstown when a mature tree fell onto her home. In Talbot County, about 100 properties suffered damage. Trees fell into at least two houses in Easton, 3 in Trappe, two in St. Michaels and one in Oxford. Flooding happened in a few places around the county, but receded fairly quickly. Although more than 4500 people were still without electricity last night (Monday 8-29) in the mid-shore, the Star Democrat reports that the power should be restored by tonight. For more information, check out the Star Democrat – http://www.stardem.com/

One of the more unpleasant problems with the tree damage from Irene, is that the trees that tended to fall in this storm were not the usual maples, bradford pears, weak wood trees, but the large, mature white oaks. Almost of all the major trees down were these stately, gorgeous oaks. It must have been the heavy leaf canopies, laden with wet, thick, mature leaves – combined with the super saturated ground that toppled these beauties. So disappointing, to have big beautiful trees like that go down. My sister’s home in California, MD lost 5 mature oaks. None of her lousy, stinking gum trees were damaged at all, but every single oak came down.

Here’s another small remnant of our un-friend, Irene.

~ by kbosin on August 30, 2011.

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