3 year anniversary

I laid awake this morning early, in the dark, remembering this date, 3 years ago. At 7:30 in the morning back in 2008, we were cleaning and packing up from my sister’s home in southern MD where we stayed for a month before moving to the estate in Talbot County. 3 years – it seems like a lifetime ago.

3 years ago right now, as I write this, we were loading up our truck and trailer with a boat, a tiny sailboat and a canoe, crabtraps and fishing poles. Kev drove the truck with CeCe (sweet cat) and I took the Camry packed with clothing, Zip and Jesse, and miscellaneous stuff. A month earlier, we brought the big Rider truck filled with our things to St. Michaels and placed it in storage behind Graul’s market. Things that had been in storage for years – since 2006 when we moved out of the house on the Mississippi River bluff, into the old monument company in the City of St. Louis. Two long years of preparation to move east. Preparation for this.

Here’s the only picture I took that day, so excited as we unpacked our things on the waterfront estate, settling into our little temporary cottage (day one of being caretakers for a family used to having “help”. The beginning of a slow bewilderment and surprise, dashed hopes and dreams. We had no idea how precarious caretaking could be, when your home and your work are all wrapped up together, tied in with a family filled with different personalities and with different agendas.) But in the end, it was all perfect as it was. We learned so much.

And now, 3 years later. Seated in Talbot County with more friends than I’d ever expect I’d find in such a rural area. A feeling of timeless connection with this land, this marsh, this water. Connections to this rural community, people, places. New opportunities to help, to be part of things, to be engaged.

Our new home.

Kevin comes over and rubs my back as he hears my sniffles. I think it’s important to look back, remember and celebrate milestones. Our journey has been such a joyful and fun one, interspersed with some pain and difficulty like anyone else. I wouldn’t do it much differently, though, even if I had the option. As someone who is easily bored and craves freedom at any cost, there are a lot of worse ways things could have gone for us.

3 years later. Minus CeCe and dear Jesse, just the 3 of us now. But we’re healthy, happy and together here in Talbot County, our new home.

Thank Youniverse. Grateful!

~ by kbosin on September 1, 2011.

One Response to “3 year anniversary”

  1. Wow, three years, it feels much longer and much shorter if thet is possible. I remember those early months and some of the rougher times, but am so glad for the happiness you’ve found. I’m sorry I can’t come out to visit this weekend.

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