Signs of September

…everywhere. Daylength shortens, I notice it mostly in early morning. There’s a difference in the air, scents – or perhaps just the humidity levels. I watch the osprey circle, flying around with fish and realize that they’re soon off to warmer climates south – they usually leave in the third week of September. Good reason to go sit by the water and watch them a bit, before they go. I notice the marsh mallows blooming brightly in Claiborne’s marsh:

….and the sweet autumn clematis wafts as I walk past, I see it everywhere now:

…the dogwood fruits:

….and Acme has mums out front – a true sign of fall:

Our first load of wood was delivered this week:

….and I’m reminded again, as I always am in the fall – that I love ornamental grasses.  I never seem to remember that in spring, when it’s time to plant them, but I always wish I had when I see them in full force – beautiful!

Our reader, Joy ( tells us that her grandfather used to predict winter weather by the shape inside the persimmon seeds – if they’re shaped like a knife, it’ll be icy, if they’re shaped like a spoon, it’ll be snowy, and if they look like a fork, we can expect a mild winter. So….it was hard to break them open, but when I did, they’re completely filled with a white “meat” that seems to indicate that we’ll have a snowy winter……(oh boy):

And a definite sign of autumn is seeing in the Star Democrat anything about the Waterfowl Festival – check this out. You’re too late, if you were thinking menagerie, vaudeville, or minstrel show. I’ve gotta say though….reading this makes me want to stage a dramatic performance WITHOUT a permit, right smack in the middle of the festival. But that’s just the rebel in me.

~ by kbosin on September 2, 2011.

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