Annual boat auction in St. Michaels at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum

My favorite local event was held on Saturday – the annual boat auction at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. This year, 88 boats were donated to the museum, and auctioned off in one single day. They ranged from this:

to bigger, newer boats like this:

And bigger than that and smaller than that and everything in between:

And these…..

…which sold for $700, $750, and $400, respectively.


Did I say that a 30 foot Hunter sold for 750 bucks?


There were tons of bargains. And lots of happy buyers.

And a line for the beef sandwiches that zig-zagged for a mile.

Deb Rich and Helen Van Fleet kept track of every single thing:

And lots of people brought their dogs.

I really wanted this one:

…but didn’t bid on it.

There are about six different auctioneers who take turns throughout the day. I love all of their different styles. But this guy is my favorite. I saw his picture in the paper, and guess his name is Paul Berry. He’s GREAT. Here he is making a sale to a young man right in front of me:

This guy has a real radio voice, and he teases people a lot. He’s got a great style.

Best boat name I saw had to be this one (referring to the Wye river):

And that’s about it. I only stayed about 90 minutes this year, it was hot and I had stuff to get to, but I sure love this event. Anyone who knows anything about non-profit organizations can appreciate the value of having unrestricted revenue like this – 88 boats (hopefully) brought in a nice chunk of change for the Maritime Museum, such a local treasure.

And if you’ve got a boat that you don’t want anymore, think about donating it to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum for next year’s auction. Talk about WIN-WIN. You get a write off and the museum gets a little extra cash. Sweet deal.

At the very least, plan a trip to St. Michaels next year at this time so you can come participate in this event, even if you just watch. It’s a blast. And bring some cash, because it’s really hard not to get in on the action. These are the best prices you’ll find anywhere.

~ by kbosin on September 5, 2011.

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