55 years ago today, two very special people….

…got married. Hats off to my parents, Joan and Phil Bosin. Here they are, 55 years ago today:

And here they were a couple of weeks ago, at the neighborhood luau:

And a few weeks back, working the information booth at the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk:

Thanks Mom and Dad – for the gift of life, and for teaching me everything I know about love and family. Your guiding support for 50 years has never waned, and has always been there, 100%. I feel so blessed.

Mom and Dad may be 77 and 81, respectively, getting up there – but they’re no slouchers. In fact, they’re among the most involved people I know. They’ve been competitive bowlers for some 20 years, and now are bocce players, too. They both play a mean game of cards and love to play anything with their granddaughter, Rachel. Here is an article in their neighborhood newsletter, the Bayview – written by Al Ciamarra (I’m re-typing it here)

P.O.T.B. Corner – Pat on the Back Corner – By Al Ciamarra

This new addition to the Bayview is to recognize residents in our community who give their time, effort and heart to make Angola By The Bay the special place that it is. There are many volunteers who give their time in improving our community and there are those that go a step further. There are the residents that quietly take that step. Our first recipients are a team who have been married for 55 years and residents in Angola By The Bay (ABTB) for 16 years, Phil and Joan Bosin.

While Joan is more visible in her work in ABTB, most of you have seen her taking pictures at various events, Phil works quietly in the background. He is a member of the Angola Owls, where he helps at the “belly buster” breakfasts and dinners, parks cars for the Craft Fair and Yard Sale, lines the fields for the same events, and runs the bingos. Joan belongs to both the Women’s Group and the Homemakers and has held offices with both. The pictures Joan takes are posted in the clubhouse, used in our publications, and in many instances given to the people in the pictures, all at her own expense. They both volunteer at the Doghouse and participate in the Neighborhood Watch.

Would that be enough for you? Not for Joan and Phil. Outside of ABTB they have at one time or another volunteered for Meals on Wheels, delivering meals, 5 years; Casa San Francisco, making and serving lunches for the homeless, 10 years; New Life Thrift Store, benefitting the needy, 10 years; St. Vincent de Paul visiting with people and helping with their finances, 14 years; the Village Improvement Association, cleaning beaches, planting beach grass, working at the boardwalk information booth, managing the club house and working at all the Rehoboth Beach functions, 16 years; and Phil has been a member of the Knights of Columbus, 12 years.

We sure are lucky to have them living in ABTB. A very special and most deserved P.O.T.B. to Phil and Joan.

And we sure are lucky – Kevin and I, my sister and I – to have them as parents. And since Al mentioned the Knights of Columbus, I’m proud to say that Dad recently celebrated becoming a Knight in the 4th degree. As a Knight of the 4th degree, his title is “Sir Worthy Knight”. And honestly, if anyone deserves to be called “Sir Worthy Knight”, it’s you, Dad.

Happy Anniversary! So filled with love and respect for you both. It’s an honor and a privilege to be your daughter.

~ by kbosin on September 8, 2011.

3 Responses to “55 years ago today, two very special people….”

  1. Beautiful! September IMHO is THE BEST time of year to be married (since I was as well). 🙂

  2. Great post, please tell your parents I said “Happy Anniversary!”

  3. Awesome! Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad. Thanks for showing us how it’s done! Love you so. LJ, Ed and Rachy

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