Dressing the Ship

Elf arrived back in St. Michaels yesterday, just in time to dress for the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum’s annual fundraising dinner tonight, whose theme this year just happens to be – Dressing the Ship!

Uncanny. Or just really good timing on Captain Rick’s part. The old log canoe that Elf had been tied up against is now gone – off to Dorchester County, so Elf was able to tie up RIGHT next to the party. Here’s Kevin, giving a hand:

With her usual typical perfect timing, Tracey Munson (CBMM’s awesome VP of Marketing) showed up, and we hung out for a while, taking photos and toasting the beautiful evening – see our shadows in the foreground?

Then we moseyed our way though town and headed over to Foxy’s Marina Bar for a beer and a quick bite. Here’s hoping that the Saturday evening event is as beautiful an evening as this one was.

What a place for a party!


~ by kbosin on September 10, 2011.

One Response to “Dressing the Ship”

  1. Great photos! It looks like it was a beautiful day and that you had a nice time.

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