Flood damage – Fishing Creek, PA – 2011

Our cabin on Fishing Creek (just outside of Orangeville in Columbia County, PA) survived the big flood last week, but MAN is there a big mess everywhere. Granted, in comparison to others who lost everything, we’re pretty lucky. But only because we re-built and raised our cabin after the flood in 2006. It took our family 2 years of working together, thank you Randy and Judy Garber – to rebuild and get to the point where we were enjoying it and not working every time we came up. And look where we are AGAIN. This feels like Groundhog Day. Photos courtesy Judy Garber.


That last photo shows Randy and Lindsey in the road – or rather, in a giant hole where the road USED to be – in front of our cabin.


Kevin is there now, and he sounds pretty down about everything.

Yes, I agree it’s good nobody was hurt, etc.

But this stinks.

And all of that polluted water from the streams, the creeks, the Susquehanna River, all of it – is heading our way downstream right now. As I type these words, that polluted water is slowly making its way down here, to the Chesapeake Bay.


~ by kbosin on September 12, 2011.

7 Responses to “Flood damage – Fishing Creek, PA – 2011”

  1. That really sucks, Kathy 😦
    I’m sorry.

  2. oh no! those pictures!! we were just there, we just sat on that porch, walked on the road, saw the cabins. I am so sorry!!! I’m glad to see your cabin looks relatively ok, comparatively, but I’ve got a property with oaks down and holes in the roof and while I know it could be worse, it still damn crappy to have to deal with the cleanup, again. I get it. Love you guys! hugs to all Garbers, near and far.

  3. Oh Kathy!!! I am so sorry this happened! Oh my goodness. I have not posted at all about the storms & how we have seemingly been spared, over and over, this season (knock on wood) here in MD because I know this is going on in so many other places up and down the East Coast. I am so sorry that you and your family have to go through this. What a lot of work. Thank goodness for them.

  4. This is crummy to have to manage, for sure, but you are a lucky gal to have a place like this. It is my fantastic dream for Jim and I to have a place on the water some day.

  5. I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through. It has to be heartbreaking. Yes, nobody got hurt but it is terrible none the less.

  6. Randy and Judy,

    We’re right there with you at “Just-A-Mere.” I’m headed up again tomorrow for the weekend. The bulk of our 2-3″ of muck and 3 feet of water above the floor are gone. Now we have to figure out what to do. My insurance adjuster hasn’t been up yet.

    Looking forward to seeing you guys in happier times!

    Gary Cassedy

    • Hi Gary – I heard you guys lost your deck, and had a lot of water inside. So sorry. So difficult. It seems that this flood, on many levels – was a deal changer up there – everything is changed. The creek is a new animal. Kevin said the landscape is completely different. Best of luck this weekend, and as you muddle through this – we’ll keep an eye out for you when we get up there……

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