Here comes the sludge……

Satellite photographs of the Chesapeake Bay are flying around the internet today, and one is on the front page of the Star Democrat. The sludge from Hurricane Lee, which tore up our cabin community in north Central PA is moving now from the Susquehanna River into the Bay, check it out:

above image taken from NASA website

Our friend the Eastern Babe posted yesterday about the debris field, and showed some pics of debris floating around in Eastern Bay ( And we’ll see more pictures later this weekend, since I gave my camera to Kevin to take on Elf this afternoon, as he and Captain Rick go through that debris field to cross the Bay, heading for Annapolis’s classic yacht race on Sunday morning. I’ve gotta say….after reading today’s Star Democrat lead article about 50 foot trees floating by…..I’m more than a little concerned about them. Scary! I remember watching flood debris fly down the Mississippi River each spring when we lived in the midwest. It’s shocking what you’d see drift by – whole buildings, sometimes. And with a current pushing them? Whoa. Dangerous stuff.

But I guess the show (classic yacht race) must go on. I trust that they’ll make smart decisions. Stay tuned.

The worse news, of course, is the pollution that this sludge brings to the Bay. We already had the worst “dead zone” ever this summer, as a result of spring rains flushing excess nutrients into the Bay. Now we’ve got this. Not just the debris, but the agricultural runoff and polluted sewage from tens of thousands of failed septic and wastewater systems – together, a deadly combination for our fragile ecosystem. From underwater grass losses to oyster beds being buried to unknown damage to the fish populations – things are not looking so good for our Chesapeake Bay. Even more of a reason to contact your elected representatives and remind them that CLEAN WATER is critical. Here’s a link to learn more:

And even more of a reason to examine our own daily lives – what lifestyle changes, if we make them now – can begin to shape a different future? Reducing our carbon footprint, driving less, consuming less, making smart food choices, supporting our local economies…….these individual, small measures, taken up by enough of us – will begin a shift back in the right direction. We have to do it.


~ by kbosin on September 16, 2011.

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