Church Ladiez on the water

Most Monday evenings, you’ll find the women of Mayberry gathered in the old church/village hall/community center, hanging out with wine and snacks. It’s remarkable how much information is passed around during these evenings. Everything you need to know. We call it “Church Ladies”.

Last evening, Bill Sewell offered to take the Church Ladies out on Alice, his big workboat that I went trotlining on earlier this summer. What a beautiful evening for a boat ride! Cool temps, great sunshine, terrific group of people. We met at the landing – filled with workboats out on moorings. Each workboat has a punt, like this one, at the dock. Simple and utilitarian.

This group below looks like they’re sharing some juicy gossip, but were actually reciting poetry. Not kidding. They’re an interesting and fun-loving lot.

Saw a little bit of debris from the flood, which some boater had thoughtfully marked with a life jacket – you can see the bridge to Kent Island in the background.

We boated around Eastern Bay, past Tilghman Point and came back around and in. We watched the sun drop, and the water and sky turn into one big beautiful whole, which then just disappeared into darkness. Terrific night. Thanks Bill!

~ by kbosin on September 20, 2011.

3 Responses to “Church Ladiez on the water”

  1. There you are again, in our backyard! My friends & I have figured out the red wine & munchies – but poetry too? While out on the water? If I wasn’t caring for infants 24/7, I’d beg to join your club!

    • Eastern Babe, get a babysitter some Monday evening, and come on down – you can be an honorary member of the Church Ladies. Heck, by boat, you can probably get over here in ten minutes!

  2. Count me IN … after I have this baby, right now too pregnant, due in about 6 weeks. This March/April I’ll definitely be in touch – when the weather warms up & baby #2 is a few months old & doesn’t need me every hour on the hour. Hm, is there a private place to use a manual breast pump on the boat? LOL xo

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