Eating locally on the Chesapeake Bay

One of the BEST things about September……….. local FOOD! 

There’s always plenty of fresh tomatoes and corn around in September, crabs are always thick, and this is when the big rockfish start coming ’round the point on the estate. Each year, we find that fishing off the bulkhead in September and early October, particularly at high tide at dusk or first morning light – brings terrific results.

This year, we were concerned about the effects of the pollution from Hurricane Lee, coming down the Bay from the Susquehanna, especially after seeing those satellite images last week. However, there seems to be little impact on our local waters a week later – and no advisories against eating fish or shellfish from the Miles River or Eastern Bay exist.  The water looks clear on the Miles River and Eastern Bay, and we’ve been seeing a lot of action out there.

So, Kevin went out early this morning and by 9:00am, check out what we have for supper tonight:

One big rock will be stuffed with:

which were pulled out of the trap on the dock this morning. Technically, the rockfish could be called “DOUBLE stuffed with crab”, since Kevin found a huge softshell crab in one rock’s belly…..

In addition to the bounty from the Bay, our little cherman garden has some additional offerings for a local supper:

to be mixed with

and as a side, I’ll roast

So….who’s coming over?

~ by kbosin on September 22, 2011.

4 Responses to “Eating locally on the Chesapeake Bay”

  1. If I hop on a 3:00 flight, I could be there for a late dinner … would offer to bring wine, but we would need more than the 3.4 ounces allowed through airport security.

  2. Get to it, sista. We’ll have plenty of wine right here….

  3. how long have you been here? already you’re eating like a native! Bill S.

  4. Boy! Would I like a piece of that. Ranl

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