The State Capitol Building in Annapolis…..

…enshrouded for the past few months, looms large over the city, and glows ghost-like at night. Renovations should soon be complete.

The oldest State Capitol building in the entire country, this one served as our nation’s capital for about a year in 1793. It’s the only State Capitol building built without any nails at all – only wooden pegs. And the Continental Congress ratified the Treaty of Paris in this very building, which officially ended the Revolutionary War. A recent Washington Post article written by Aaron C. Davis offers a few interesting tidbits about this building:

George Washington reigned under it, Ben Franklin designed the lightning rod on top of it, and Thomas Jefferson and James Madison once spent an afternoon in 1790 gossiping and telling jokes while hanging out on its balcony.

How cool is that?

We expect to see its new paint job completed this autumn. Until then, it’s really something to see…..under wraps, with that odd glow and constantly shimmering movement as the tarps slowly move with the breeze.


~ by kbosin on September 23, 2011.

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