Island Lady – back in the water, ready to cruise!

You might remember Island Lady – Jake Flory’s deadrise workboat which we took down to Severn Marine in Tilghman last spring – here’s a link to that first boat ride of 2011 –

After a long summer of work on the boat, Jake invited us to join him on Monday to bring Island Lady back up to her home port at Maple Hall in Claiborne. Kevin helped Jake work on Island Lady on and off during the season – he LOVED working on the boat, spending days in the boatyard with other boatbuilders and of course Carl, at Severn Marine. Every single time, when I’d ask about his day, he would say -“I belong in a boatyard – today was the best workday EVER – so many boats, the  gulls laughing, the smells of the diesel engines, the sounds of the drawbridge going up and down…” He made it sound so romantic, that I’d go down to see their progress from time to time. I found a few pics from those June, July and August days – over the summer they replaced a lot of wood on her, painted, Jake did some mechanical work. This has been a big project.

After some ten straight days of rain, we were glad to see the sun shining through on Monday afternoon, and we all met at Severn Marine on Tilghman Island at 2:00. Unfortunately, Jim couldn’t join us. He’s working on his boat. This is what your car looks like when you’re working on a boat. It goes on for MONTHS. (This is not the romantic part.)

But the rest of us jumped aboard and had a terrific cruise up along the Bay Hundred peninsula, around Tilghman Point and into Tilghman Creek, where Island Lady will spend the winter. Michael Keene saw us off and took some photos as we were heading out through Knapps Narrows, and under the drawbridge that separates Tilghman Island from the rest of the world. These are his photos – thanks Michael!

A three hour cruise, the trip up along the peninsula and around Tilghman Point and into harbor near Claiborne is just perfect for a warm afternoon.  We passed some pound nets, watched an eagle steal a fish from an osprey, and enjoyed the company.

and arrived at her slip at Maple Hall, where she’ll spend the winter. Jake has a few trips lined up for this fall, including a wedding and a funeral – she’ll be available for spreading ashes as well as for happier parties. Starting next spring, Island Lady will be OPEN for business – and of course, you’ll hear more about that right here, on A Chesapeake Journal. But you don’t have to wait…..go ahead and call Jake right now, and book a trip.

Great time – thanks, Jake! And congratulations – Island Lady is back in the water and ready to cruise!

~ by kbosin on September 28, 2011.

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