Miniature Schnauzer + Pug = “Schnug”

And there are two of them – puppies – so, plural, they’re “schnugs”. My neighbor texts me – “got schnugs?”

Uh…lemme look around. Usually I can hear them before I see them. They’re typically a snarling, rolling, teeth gnashing ball of energy. Zip is their constant babysitter, and rolls the ball of schnugs around from yard to yard. Usually, they’re wet from dew and/or biting each other. In a world of their own, rolling on down the lawn, muttering, snapping, growling and yelping.

Oh, you schnugs! They’re like a cartoon character (the Tasmanian Devil comes to mind). And then, just when you least expect it…..they sit there, quietly and just look up at you, sweet as can be.

~ by kbosin on September 30, 2011.

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