Wheels for Gus!

Gus, our next door neighbor, is one heckuva awesome yellow lab. Unfortunately, his legs have NOT been working for some time. I don’t really remember all of the diagnoses, but since we’ve known him (May, 2011), he’s been handicapped. Not to say that he doesn’t slide around – he never really seems in pain as he moves about – but there’s plenty of evidence (sores, etc) that his problem is worsening, and he’s not nearly as mobile as he was a few months ago. To his wandering credit, I did see him sliding around the graveyard at the end of our block back in July, but I’ll bet it took him a long while to slink on home after that.  Here he is, sliding down the steps…..

John and Julie have been talking about getting him some wheels for a while. And just this week, John found out that the international K-9 wheel company is – get this – right here in Oxford! 30 minutes away. Whoa!

500 bucks. Custom made, the veterinarian/founder of the company is right here – in Oxford. He measured, fitted, and built Gus’ wheels this afternoon. Right here in Oxford! Pass it on – http://www.k-9cart.com/ – they work with people and dogs all over the world.

But they’re right here.

How cool is that?

and of course………his roommates, the schnuggs….are delighted with his new mobility. 

Go Gus! I’ve gotta say…….everyone who knows him is celebrating today. My heart is full, just watching him roll around with that wagging tail and deep brown eyes. I think he gets it. A brand new world.

~ by kbosin on October 4, 2011.

8 Responses to “Wheels for Gus!”

  1. A wonderful, heart-warming story! You go, Gus!
    P.S. Just a thought. Ask your friends if they have looked into the drug Deramaxx. Our beloved black lab took it for the last 4-5 years of his life, he could barely walk for long, sometimes dragging his back legs prior because of pain from hip arthritis. While on it, he stayed healthy, became more active, was ready to run and play; and he lived up to just one month shy of his 15th birthday last year. What a dog, I still miss him so much….

    • thanks Donna, I will tell them about it. You lab lived for 15 years?? WOW. We lost Jesse – our Golden after eleven years. So hard! They give so much.

  2. What a great story! Go Gus!

  3. so sweet– the eastern shore, talbot county in particular, is full of wonder-ful surprises! go Gus!

  4. Oh, this post brought happy tears to my eyes this morning. YAY for Gus! And the brilliant people who came up with the idea to make wheels for a dog! Brilliant all the way around.

  5. That is a fantastic story!! You go Gus!!

  6. I had a little Lasa Apso that crushed the vertabrae in his back just by jumping up the wrong way and twisted his back and had no control over his left back leg. Our vet wanted to fit him for wheels but (it’s a long story) and we didn’t do it. He got around by pulling himself on his front legs. He lived about five years. I’ve always felt guilty for not getting him his wheels. God Bless dear sweet Gus. May he have many years of fun with his friends.

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