a side trip to Lavallette, NJ

Early this week, we stopped to visit Thom and Connie who are spending the entire month of October at the Jersey Shore, in the town of Lavallette. A true Jersey girl, Connie spent almost every summer of her life on the Jersey shore, and was able to show us the shore from the perspective of a native. We hung out, ate and drank, strolled the beach, walked the boardwalk and drove around from Tom’s River to Asbury Park, exploring towns, neighborhoods, parks, street scenes, yacht clubs, commercial areas, the best little cheese shop, etc. We had a great time – thanks, guys!

Monarch butterflies, migrating south to Mexico, filled the sand dunes and hovered over the shrubs, mums and goldenrod at the bayside park.

And (this one’s for you, Dad) – we had pizza at the Squan Tavern – a place I remember from my childhood as “best pizza ever”. And forty years later, we had a delicious pizza – crunchy crust, YUM sauce, not too much cheese – perfect.

It’s always refreshing to visit beach towns during the off-season. My absolute favorite, most interesting neighborhood – of all of the communities that we visited – was this one. Just north of Lavallette (not sure which exact township it’s in) is a 10 square block area that is jam PACKED with the tiniest little homes you can imagine. Look. This one is right on the beach.

No lawns or landscapes, hardly any parking at all.  Not a single tree. Just tiny house after tiny house, each about the size of your garage, piled neatly one after the other on a tiny part of the peninsula.  This is where you’re not allowed to walk your dog. Hmm. Can you imagine what this neighborhood must be like in mid-summer, with families and kids and animals and screaming parents and teenagers and music and cars? Whoa.

Not that I’d want to stay there, but I love it for some reason. Kitsch? Kinda. Maybe because it’s one of the few beach towns that seems accessible to Everyman. We drove through such affluent areas, with in-your-face conspicuous wealth. This, on the other hand, looks like a place where anybody can have a summer vacation home.

So, what are the real estate prices in this little nook?

You’re not going to believe it.

Cheapest one?



~ by kbosin on October 13, 2011.

2 Responses to “a side trip to Lavallette, NJ”

  1. I’m a Jersey girl too and have to agree – Lavallette is the best! Folks around here don’t venture up that much b/c the Delmarva beaches are so great – and you’re right, proximity to NYC makes even the tiniest lot prime real estate. Our friend has an oceanfront place in Lavallette where we go whenever we can. What is the saying? “You never know how many friends you have until you have a house at the beach!”

  2. Great coverage!

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