a new treehouse appears…

It’s right on the Chesapeake Bay, just north of Lowe’s wharf and east of Bloody Point. In fact, this is close to the very spot where Frederick Douglass stood, on that hot summer day in the 1830s – and decided – I’ve had it. I’ve gotta be free!  Historic records indicate that he stood right about here, with both Poplar Island and Bloody Point in his view. Watching the white sails blowing in the breeze, as ships headed toward Baltimore stretched out on the eastern side of the Bay, he decided, on that spot – that he was OUT of there. And that marked his next bout of enthusiasm and effort to push into freedom. Remember folks, this was a man who was almost broken by this point. He was on the verge of losing it, trapped as he was, in horribly inhospitable circumstances, right here in the land of pleasant living.

Right here – not so far from this very treehouse – the one with closed-up windows looking out on the water. Who knew this would mark Douglass’ place in time for his moment of epiphany? It’s cool to think about how the eyes viewing the horizon from this spot from now on, will be so much younger, so much newer on the scene. How different is the world they see? I love the idea that this is a new lookout, with the new young ones looking onto the world today. Just as Douglass did, in the mid 1830s, looking out from this very point and seeing, choosing, and deciding upon freedom.

~ by kbosin on October 18, 2011.

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