Wet morning fog

hangs thick over the water, the fields, the streets of St. Michaels as we drive east today, before sunrise.

Anyone living here will recognize this bridge – crossing the Oak Creek Bridge defines our part of Talbot County, and always offers a sense of “home”. The harbor was silent, water glassy.

Heading to Cambridge to drop Kevin off for an Elf trip across to Annapolis, I appreciate the broad expanse of the Choptank River, always salty and brisk. A fantastic morning for a trip across the Bay in America’s oldest classic yacht.

A lone fisherman pops his lure out onto the water, and the sound of the bridge is distant.

We met a retired couple named Jim and Sandy, cruising the Bay from the western shore, heading to Solomon’s Island, but in no hurry at all. They intend to cruise and enjoy fall on the Bay until Thanksgiving. A new small woodstove and cockpit enclosure aboard their handsome yacht allows them to meander and embrace the change of season.

And Kevin grabbed his bag, and stepped onto Elf’. I got back in the car, heading toward Easton with lists and meetings.  I think of him now, hours later and likely halfway across the Bay. A sunny, warm Monday in October.  Sweet.  Soon boating will be a memory, just like last season’s snowstorm is to me now. I opened the window as I crossed the Choptank heading back this morning, and the car filled with salty, wet, windy gusts. I took long, giant gulps of air and exhaled slowly – the Choptank in autumn.

~ by kbosin on October 24, 2011.

One Response to “Wet morning fog”

  1. Hey you two, how are you???

    I’m coming to Baltimore to do a gig at MICA for the next four Tuesdays. Let’s coordinate something!

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