And like clockwork, they’re back

Dad called me yesterday morning to tell me that the fields outside of his home near Lewes, Delaware were filled with thousands of snow geese. It was the first group of them he’s seen this year, and there was a huge showing.

As reliable as the ending of daylight savings time tomorrow, the returning snow geese indicate that winter is indeed, on its way. I’ve never once seen them on this side of Delmarva, but they’re usually wintering all around the Delaware beaches.

Yup. Winter’s here. The internet tells me it’s 36 degrees outside, and as I pack up and get dressed to spend the entire day outside in 20 knot winds at Oyster Fest, I decide to include long underwear. 

Oh boy. Here we go……

~ by kbosin on November 5, 2011.

2 Responses to “And like clockwork, they’re back”

  1. Beautiful photo! The snow geese are so pretty with their black and white contrast. Thousands of these can also be seen at Blackwater Wildlife Refuge in Cambridge each winter. What a sight to behold….and the noise, WOW!

  2. yes, the sound is fantastic! Thanks!

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