OysterFest, 2011 – Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum

Another terrific OysterFest – the crowd this year was big – over 2400, and I made friends with dozens of them as we all lined up for the oyster stew competition. I met a lot of Washingtonians, and people from Frederick, Hagerstown and Virginia. People waited patiently in line for tastes of each of six local chef’s versions of oyster stew. Although each stew’s base was oysters – they were remarkably different – from the gold standard, basic oyster stew with few additions, to one chock full of veggies and another with sherry and andouille.  A double-blind competition, neither the tasters nor the volunteers serving the stews knew who made which one. The winner was chef David Hayes of Bob Pascal’s Harbour Inn. My favorite was “C”, from the Town Dock Restaurant, but I waited patiently for all six and loved every single one of them.  Another year, and another couple of cool OysterFest mugs for our kitchen:

Every house in Talbot County has a bunch of these in the kitchen cabinets. Really. Go anywhere, and your coffee will be served in one of these. Legendary.

We were there with Johnny Oyster Seed, and had a great day talking with people about “dock-qua-culture” – how to grow oysters at your own dock, for restoration purposes, or to eat them. Of course, we encourage EVERYBODY to buy local oysters harvested by our local watermen – our local economy is based on it. But if you want to grow your own – we can help.  And every oyster that you grow helps filter the water and make things better.


Here are some other peeks into the OysterFest, held on Saturday, at the remarkable Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. Love that place!  The Chesapeake Bay Retriever Rescue folks were there, my friend Emma got an amazing crab painted on her face, Lisa Gowe held court at the Talbot County Watermen’s Association tent where the big, fat, wild oysters were shucked and sold, and the restoration on the skipjack Rosie Parks moves forward every single day.

So cool, CBMM. Great party!

~ by kbosin on November 7, 2011.

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  1. I would like to know where to get one of those Tighman island oyster coffee mugs,please reply rickboyer@verizon.net

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