The last tomato….

…from my garden was held for an extra long moment, then thanked with sincere appreciation before I sliced it yesterday afternoon.

Holding it, I felt its weight and smooth surface, and remembered plucking its cherry cousins off the vine as I walked by them this summer. I tried to recall the first one from my little cherman garden this summer, and couldn’t, but I do know that I celebrated it – the first tomato of the year. I remembered the thick scent of the soil on the afternoon that I planted the five tomato plants in the new raised beds – and the smell of the compost as I mixed it.

I recall plunging my hands deep into that raised bed, turning the soil and feeling to see if it was just right. In any garden, I’m always joined by Nana and Pa, my paternal grandparents who were completely green-thumbed and green-minded. I can feel them non-physically reaching through my skin, joining me, experiencing the pleasure of the sun on my back, the rich scent of the earth. I’m aware that I’m never alone there, I appreciate their company, and I talk to them sometimes – “feel THIS, Nana”.  When I go into that great unknown, I promise I’ll be back every spring, reaching deep and feeling the crumbly soil through somebody’s physical hands (maybe yours, Lindsey).

I brought the tomato inside, and pulled some of Lighty’s delicious Hoboken bread from the freezer. Went back out to the garden for the last few basil leaves, mostly turning brown now. Toasted the bread, added a tiny bit of mayo, sliced that red jewel up, with salt and pepper, and a few torn pieces of basil on top. So absolutely delicious, I stood over the kitchen sink as I ate it – the proper way to eat a tomato sandwich when you’re alone in the house. YUM.

It was so gol-darn good. Do you know what it tasted like?


Clever as I am, I only used HALF of that last tomato on my perfectly toasted bread. I went BACK to the freezer, got another slice of Lighty’s bread, and did it AGAIN.

Pomodoro finalmente. Delicioso absolutamente. Muchas Gracias!

~ by kbosin on November 13, 2011.

4 Responses to “The last tomato….”

  1. Thank you for posting this. Your post reminded me of my dad and his love for growing tomatoes. Guess what! He would have eaten it the same way but on occasion it would have included slices of onions from his garden. Needless to say the only way to eat it is leaning over the kitchen sink!

    • Yes, onions! I thought about going BACK to the garden for some fresh chives – they’re still thriving. But I was hungry and greedy and did without. Thanks, Debi – for visiting and commenting!

  2. What a lovely post — that these humble tasks become links forward and back through time, a way to stay connected to those we love. Thanks for writing this!

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