Dear Gina

Where ARE you?

I’ve been hearing about you for well over a year now.

They say that your cantina on the other side is a big hit, and Ace swears that you’re bringing three different kinds of fish tacos to our little town. Kevin met you once, and says I’ll be crazy about you. When you get here.

Even your salsa has a reputation!

You’ve got a little building in St. Michaels with your name on it. We’ve seen some work being done and it looks cute inside. Perfect, really.

You even have a mailbox here…..

…and a facebook page with 695 likes….and a tagline that says “peace, love and tacos”.

Dang, Gina!

I’m dyin’ for some fresh Mex.

I sure hope that it’s going to be the kind of place I can walk up to a counter and order my tacos to go. And not have to sit and order from a waitress, with big white linen napkins like some “deli” I know (and love). Just drop in, order up some tacos and go. Maybe eat them outside on that little patio you’ve got there…..Gina.

Are you coming?

Soon, please!

~ by kbosin on November 27, 2011.

One Response to “Dear Gina”

  1. I second the plea. Come soon!

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