End of November surprises

Right this minute, at 7:30am on Tuesday, November 29th, we’ve got the front door open and Kevin is eating his breakfast on the porch.


And I’ve noticed all kinds of interesting things in the last week – untimely events, such as a gardenia in full bloom in St. Michaels….

…and an azalea in front of the house….

…a white iris by the side of the road:

…and narcissus!

I wondered if I just pulled some kind of a Rip Van Winkle thing, and slept longer than I thought. Perhaps it’s really the end of March? Look at the lettuces, already.

Even the sheep are like……”wha?”

But alas…….I go down to Claiborne landing and see the remains of a thanksgiving supper that some gulls had – looks like turkey and crab. And I suspect that if it were really March, there would be no crab shell on the dock. And yes, I do wonder about the guy that tosses his turkey carcass out there on the dock. What’s up with that? I recall Shirley Smith, my old neighbor in St. Louis who tossed her turkey carcass out into my backyard one year – as a gift for my dog, Murphy. WHAT???? (She was just trying to be nice….)

Yesterday, I went into St. Michaels and spied my star! To benefit Christmas in St. Michaels (a local non-profit), I purchased a star – this journal’s first advertising! So, it must be Christmas season, and I didn’t sleep away the winter.

But it’s enough to make you wonder – all these blooms in the last days of November.  I did notice our first frost a few weeks back, and Kevin saw some tundra swans coming in on Monday. But, still – a boat ride yesterday on the Miles River, and sunny warm days with coffee on the porch. I’ll take it!

~ by kbosin on November 29, 2011.

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