The Simmons Center Market in Cambridge, MD

Yesterday, Julie Lowe and I were driving through Cambridge, and when we spied the Simmons Center Market, we both said at the same moment – “Whoa! Let’s stop in THERE!”

So we did.

Always a big fan of small groceries, stepping inside this market whooshed me back to the small grocery in our urban St. Louis neighborhood, where everybody ended up at some point during the day, for some item or two. From basic groceries, to freshly butchered meats and fresh produce – this place has it all. They ground 118 pounds of hamburger fresh today for various residential and restaurant customers. And with an assortment of regular grocery items, 43 different kinds of old-fashioned Christmas candy, cheeses, deli trays, gourmet baskets – this little shop has it all. And next door, they have a greenhouse filled with poinsettias and gift items.

Members of the Simmons-Travers family showed photos of days gone by, with horse-drawn carriages out front, and old-fashioned cars. This store was opened in 1937, and has been continuously operated by this family ever since. They posed for a photo on the steps inside, with more family members joining in every minute.

Second Saturday in Cambridge is scheduled for December 10th, and the Simmons Center Market will be open till 8PM. Stop in for a free hot chocolate and a cookie, and do some Christmas Shopping. You can then take a horse-drawn carriage through the streets of Cambridge for a minimal fee.

Spend some of your Christmas dollars here, and know that you are supporting the 4th generation of this family who has been serving Cambridge for so many years. Those profits stay right here, in Cambridge. Doesn’t that feel better than spending dollars at some giant chain that sends their profits to some distant region?

Yup. To me it sure does.

~ by kbosin on December 2, 2011.

3 Responses to “The Simmons Center Market in Cambridge, MD”

  1. I have to tell you that I your blog is the first place I head to each night when I log on. Your pictures transport me to places Ive been and places I hope to get to. Thank you for your pics, I envy you many days and the things you get to see.

  2. Simmons Center Market is a gem in downtown Cambridge. They’ll deliver your Christmas tree, provide your FRESH turkey for Thanksgiving and they even provide dinner baskets with steak, potatoes and string beans! I’ve also learned recently (which I need to double check for accuracy) that Simmons was the only retail operation that continued to be supported by both black and white communities during the civil rights era. What a rich heritage! Thanks for writing about this establishment.

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