St. Michaels Christmas parade

I’m crazy about these small town parades – especially on the Bay where there are as many decorated boats on trailers as anything else. The Christmas parade is extra special, because it’s part of “Christmas in St. Michaels” which is the name for a non-profit organization that supports St. Michaels charities, it’s the name for every single weekend in December, as far as the Business Association is concerned, and people do come from far and wide for the house tour, the parade, the special events in the town center and of course, shopping. I’m glad to say that I saw tons of people on the streets and lots of them were carrying bags – great news for our little town.

This year’s parade was bigger than ever, with all kinds of fun stuff – here’s a link to a slide show I made for the Talbot Spy –

The absolute best part was the Shriners. They all had tiny little boats and one of them was flinging around a tall snowman on  water skis. Look at this guy!

Our friend Michael Keene was there, with his cool old-fashioned bicycle:

And brownies. Who doesn’t love a boat full of Brownies? They were “fishing”, with fishing rods that had Christmas ornaments on the hook. CUTE!

Go ahead and click the link on the Talbot Spy – it takes you right to more than a dozen images. Small town America. It’s such a treat to be part of it.

~ by kbosin on December 11, 2011.

3 Responses to “St. Michaels Christmas parade”

  1. Kathy,

    I feel the same way about the St. Michael’s Christmas Parade – a cross section of small town America.

    Had a special perspective this year as I was one of the Benedictine Signers in Victor’s boat from the Antique Car and Boat Association. I wish you could have been with us to snap pictures of the crowd. Some were even signing with us.

    Thanks for the pics and link. We were at the end of the parade so we never got to see it!

    Anne, from The Thursday Writers at St. Michaels Library.

  2. What fun, festive pictures! Thanks for posting. I too love the small town parades & ours here in Romancoke has special meaning for me. This year it takes place I believe this coming Friday 12/16 after dark. Basically a festive, brightly lit musical Santa & Elves float with a full-on, sirens blaring 4-alarm fire department escort. On a walk with my husband on December 18, 2009 just after moving to the area we were surprised by the parade. I was 9 months pregnant & we were enjoying the view after dark on Romancoke pier. I went into labor with my first child that night – did Santa have something to do with it?

    • It sounds like it! I look forward to walking the Romancoke pier with you someday. It’s right there – right across the river. For 500 days, I looked out right at where you are! That’s so cool….

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