Loaded! (with persimmons)

When Alice and Bill call me to say – “there’s something you’ve GOT to see”, I usually just put on my jacket, grab the camera, and walk out the door, phone in hand.

Today’s call was about a persimmon tree on the edge of the marsh at Almost Neavitt – and I knew exactly where to look.

Loaded with persimmons. And although it’s close to the road – it’s smack in the middle of the marsh. A good dozen feet in. Which means nobody’s getting close to that fruit anytime soon, unless you’ve got wings. Or rather – I AM NOT getting close to that fruit. I’m sure the someone knows how to shimmy around and get them, but nobody got THIS one yet. The only way I could think to harvest these fruits would be with a mechanical lift.

But hey. These belong to the birds.

Don’t you love a fresh, ripe crop of anything in December???

~ by kbosin on December 17, 2011.

2 Responses to “Loaded! (with persimmons)”

  1. I love these trees with the delicious fruit just begging to be picked.

    • me too. And I love the fact that we just can’t get at it, and the birds get them, this time. But hey – fresh, nutritious, delicous food just appearing up there in the air. It’s a beautiful world!

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