Easton’s Taqueria La Mixta – authentic, delicious and cheap!

Right in the center of Easton, two blocks from the main post office, a block away from Annapolis Paints – lies a hidden gem – right in plain sight.

Taqueria La Mixta has great food. Cheap.

My personal favorite? The tacos. No mounds of cheese here, these are spicy, tasty, covered with chopped cilantro and just plain delicious. 5 bucks for three of them. They’ve got chicken, spicy pork, beef and steak. I love them all.

Easton has a growing Latino community, and La Mixta is right in the center of it all. There are a couple of new shops and at least one other restaurant – El Dorado – also good.

But I’ll tell ya – sometimes nothing, absolutely nothing will hit the spot like a couple of spicy, delicious, authentic tacos. And when that happens, I head straight to Taqueria La Mixta.

Oh boy. Now I did it. Am I going to think about anything else this afternoon???? NO!

Yo quiero Taqueria La Mixta!

~ by kbosin on December 28, 2011.

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