Holiday roadtrip

The drive from Bozman to Lancaster, PA takes about 3 hours, and is terrific – you drive north, up the Delmarva peninsula, crossing four rivers – first, the Chester River, which takes you right into Chestertown – 5,000 people, a historic college, great eats. Next, the Sassafras River – filled with marinas – in one short moment you spy a thousand boats – then, whoom – up a hill. Next, the Bohemia River, wild and wonderful – natural Delmarva beauty, and finally – you cross the C&D Canal. And the C&D Canal is what makes Delmarva technically an island, not a peninsula.

Arriving in Lancaster, we watched a flock of seagulls floating in the end of day sun.

Two fun days with family. I hardly took my camera out at all.

Let me tell you for a quick moment about the Garber family Christmas. Tradition is fondue on Christmas eve (yes, we eat ourselves silly) and then music. Marcy, Maddy, Maia and Jenna are all accomplished musicians. Collectively there are two pianists, a violin, a mandolin, sometimes a flute and one gifted vocalist who sings like an angel. Marcy is a choir director as well, so you can imagine it. Yes, they do all of this singing after eating all that cheese. The rest of us (13 in all) sing along and mostly just watch. I recall so many years of Maia’s tiny voice singing carols at the Christmas eve table. It’s an awesome group and a wonderful tradition.

Another Christmas tradition that I love in Lancaster is shopping for all the fondue supplies. The Ms live in the city of Lancaster, so there’s no need to drive anywhere. Grab your hat and gloves and walk downtown. Stop at the wine store, the cheese store, the bread store (it’s like Europe!) and head to Lancaster’s historic Central Market – an eclectic mix of Amish and other vendors. Jenna and Lindsey spied this clever vendor, sitting outside.

If I had seen her, I definitely would have had her write a poem for you!

Then back down through Lancaster County, Amish Country. There’s a stretch of road with a bunch of different road signs – it seems they’re testing different ideas. The one I think works best is below. Clever, because rather than scolding you, it blames the other guy. And it makes you slow down a little.

Through the other side of Delmarva, over to the beaches, where my folks live. Only one bridge on this side of Delmarva – this new one, over the C&D canal.

A couple of terrific days with the Bosins – Laurie and Ed and Rachel came up, we ate delicious meals, took walks and played around. Bosin family traditions include Nanny’s recipes for green beans and other delicious traditions, mounds of gifts, pancake breakfasts, television (which is a big deal for Kevin since we got rid of all our tvs in 2006), and games, games, games. You want to play cards? Scategories? Mexican Train? They’ve got them all and they are a competitive bunch. Fun times.

And back across Delmarva to home. Bozman, MD – where a neighbor on Cooper Point Road went all out with decorations (below). Nice! Merry Christmas!

~ by kbosin on December 30, 2011.

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