The Cape May-Lewes Ferry

…crosses the Delaware Bay – and bridges Delaware and New Jersey. Took a trip just before Christmas with my folks to visit the graves of my grandparents – and the ferry is definitely the quickest way to New Jersey from their home near Lewes. Here’s a map of the Bay – you can see the dotted line (bottom right )where the ferry crosses.

For the record, it’s pronounced “Lewis” –  and it’s one of the oldest communities on the East Coast. Except, of course – for the thousands of years that native civilizations lived here before the “English” arrived. Growing up in Delaware, we learned all about Cesar Rodney, with his peg-leg, frantically riding his horse at night from Lewes to Philadelphia to be the first signer of the Declaration of Independence. That’s why Delaware is known as “The First State”. Here’s a look at Lewes from the ferry. The windmill is part of the University of Delaware property.

It was a VERY windy day. The Bay was choppy and halfway through the 90 minute ride, the ferry REALLY started to pitch from side to side, back and forth. Walking was a chore and both Dad and I lurched like drunken sailors across the warm interior cabin to get to the restrooms. Grabbing anything we could find to hold onto, it took a while to get from one end to the other.

I felt better when I saw seasick bags on the wall, after noticing that I was the only person onboard who was moaning.

Here’s how much the ferry was pitching from side to side. I took this shot looking out the window on the starboard side of the boat.

…and then I counted “one one thousand”…. and took this shot:


This ferry holds a hundred cars.  They have some 8-10 different ferries making the trips – the Cape Henlopen, that we were on, is one of the older ones. It was great fun, and saved us about 3 hours of driving. I was glad, though – when Dad decided to drive home. With the high winds, taking the ferry in the dark, without a horizon line to steady my gaze – could have been a big problem.

~ by kbosin on January 7, 2012.

2 Responses to “The Cape May-Lewes Ferry”

  1. Kathy, Finally, time to catch up on your blog. This post almost made me seasick! Sounds like you had a fantastic holiday. I enjoyed reading about your New Year’s Eve tradition of re-reading your journal. That’s what I usually do, too. An end-of-the-year retrospective. Wishing you a splendid 2012! Anne

  2. Been years since I’ve been on this ferry, nice photos, seasick bag holder shot made me laugh. I too felt a little pitch of the waves in the photos and your description of the rocking, with ALL those cars and weight, oh my. I would definitely had one of those seasick bags in my pocket….just in case! LOL

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