Griff’s Fishing Report – Virginia Beach

Well, as you can see………there’s been some fish around Virginia Beach this winter!

Yup, that’s a whale. Our friend Griff, who’s mostly a kayak fisherman (man, you guys are gonna see some great stuff!) has offered to put us on his distribution list. Which means that every time he goes fishing, he’ll send us a report. This is a guy that fishes ALL THE TIME. He’s in Virginia Beach right now – at the bottom of the Bay, but often fishes in the Chesapeake.

Here’s what he said last week – “It’s been a while since reporting but fishing has been pretty good and the scenery even better!….sometimes a little scary! The only frustrating part is watching the Gannets diving while having coffee…..and not being able to go fishing because the Bay season closed Dec 31st.”

Griff says “The gannets and whales were from yesterday afternoon, around 40th to 65th street, you can see the hotels in the background. we didn’t catch any fish but it was a beautiful afternoon! Credit those pictures to “Jetski Brian”, here are some of his words: I went fishing for Striped Bass on my jet ski off of Virginia Beach today. I did not catch any fish even though the birds were diving and the bait was thick. I did not see any caught around me but I did hear a few were caught today.”

He goes on – “I had an exceptional day primarily because I was treated to several whale shows in the ocean today. I had six whales within sight most of the afternoon. One of them was splashing its fin and fluke for everyone to see. I see whales almost every winter but I have never seen this many consistently. No fish for me today but some great memories once again!”

Here’s Griff with some friends and their flounder catch last summer. He said -” We’re lucky in that we live in a high density area for dolphins and it never gets old being out fishing in the kayak, where it’s very quiet, and hearing the blows from the dolphins before you see them then watch them swim by.”

Think about that. You’re tooling around in a kayak, and you hear blows from dolphins before you even see them swim by.


Stay tuned for more fishing reports from Griff…… and one more look at a whale tail – WOW!

~ by kbosin on January 24, 2012.

2 Responses to “Griff’s Fishing Report – Virginia Beach”

  1. WOW! The whales are so cool!

  2. “Griffs Fishing Report – Virginia Beach A
    Chesapeake Journal” ended up being in fact pleasurable and beneficial!
    Within the present day universe that’s hard to deliver.
    Thanks, Lela

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