Easton’s Rails to Trails

We took a walk the other day down a few blocks of Easton’s Rails to Trails – where the Purdue grain elevators are still in operation, moving corn and beans to Delmarva’s chicken operations. Part of Easton’s industrial past, the trail slides through what are now residential neighborhoods, as well as commercial and industrial ones.

I look forward to walking the entire length of the trail. Soon. But this is the part I’ve been itching to see first. Maybe it’s a desire to reconnect with the 25 years that I spent in the midwest, where grain elevators marked the edges of the Nebraska landscape, or the surprise of huge elevators right smack in the center of the City of St. Louis. Maybe it’s my love for industrial buildings in general, I dunno. But this walk was a treat.

~ by kbosin on January 26, 2012.

6 Responses to “Easton’s Rails to Trails”

  1. Kathy, Love these photos and look forward to hearing more about the trail.

  2. Even though I met Jim inside a grain elevator, they still give me the creeps.
    Looks like a great trail!

  3. Looks like those old grain elevators could use a coat of fresh paint… I wonder how they’d look with some color(s)? Maybe Kevin could propose a huge mural to transform them into artwork (e.g. http://home.comcast.net/~radiojeep/WaterTowers/UpperMarlCrop559.jpg)

    Regarding rails-to-trails conversions, can you imagine if the old Claiborne to Easton railway spur was converted into a bike trail – wouldn’t that be a great tourist draw for Talbot and St. Michaels?

    • Hey Johnny – I don’t know. The old patina is absolutely beautiful to me. I love the look just as it is. And yes – the old railway spur as a bike trail would be terrific! Although, gotta say – Talbot County has some of the bike-friendliest roads around (except, unfortunately, the roads going through Royal Oak to the Bellevue – Oxford ferry.) And speaking of cycling, get your practice on, because the Talbot Interfaith Shelter is doing a cycling fundraiser next fall that’s going to be so cool, you’re gonna love it!

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