Out of thin air

…they appear on my drive…. Large (red oak?) leaves. One at a time, but only three times this winter, only one each month or so. Every time, I stop and look around. Whoa. Where did YOU come from?

No evidence of the tree that shed this hefty leaf. Every tree in my view is bare. All the leaves on the ground are shriveled, tiny, gray, half-gone.

BIG! About the size of my size nine foot. Waxy, thick, handsome, leathery – where on earth do they come from? I took a walk in the woods behind the house – nope. No trees with leaves like this, none on the ground.

I walk to the end of the road – nothing.

I look across the cove, out to Harris Creek. I suppose that once airborne, they float here on their own, self-winging, wafting through the air to my drive. I wonder how far they travel?

And you, Mr. Floater of January’s end – how long have you been aloft? Did you just break free?

~ by kbosin on January 28, 2012.

One Response to “Out of thin air”

  1. Get out of there now, Kathy – IT’S THE SAME LEAF !!!!

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