a single mute swan

…lives out behind Target, on the bypass in Easton. I see him whenever I take the short-cut around the corner with the longest light on the Shore. A lady in a big blue Buick feeds him. More than twice, I’ve seen her park her car, and bring him a bag of white bread. You have to wonder if she’s doing him a favor, feeding him white bread.

Due to the fact that they’re an invasive species and so destructive to underwater grasses, the County executed a substantial mute swan eradication effort in 2009 (mass murder is another way to put it, but that’s a little much, I guess.) And ever since, I’ve only seen three left – two floating around by the Oak Creek Bridge, and this one, at Target, eating white bread.

I can’t help but like them.

Oh, I know they’re mean, blah blah. They’re not from here (me either).

But there’s something about a swan. How can you hate a swan?

Oh, I know JohnnyOysterSeed will probably have some good reasons to hate a swan. But honestly, I can’t think of one.

<the post ended here. Until I came home a few hours ago, and saw the comments…..>

For the record – here’s what a mute swan looks like – below. (Boy, I wasn’t even close. What was I thinking?) Photo courtesy of wildanimalsonline.com.

But – whatever. My point (whatever it was) still stands.


<For an updated story on Maryland’s Mute Swans – click on this June 20, 2012 post – https://chesapeakejournal.wordpress.com/2012/06/20/marylands-mute-swan-problem-under-control-are-we/>

~ by kbosin on February 4, 2012.

5 Responses to “a single mute swan”

  1. …I don’t know how to break this to you, other than to say – that’s a domestic goose! But like the mute swans, they’re non-native critters – but not the invasive pests that swans have become.

  2. Thought we saw a large group of swans over by the Oak Creek Bridge last night … but were far away … don’t know what else could be that big and that white. BTW – I love swans. Have a nice weekend!

  3. I’m afraid Johnnys’ right.

  4. I’ve noticed the mute swans are less in numbers in the area too. I hate the thought their hunted down. I know they’re invasive, but their gracefulness is so beautiful!

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