The hunger moon

…blasted onto the horizon last evening, a giant, glowing disc that appeared as I reached the T of the Bozman road and rt 33.

It took my breath away.

This mid-winter moon is known – like most – by many names – the wolf moon, the snow moon, and the one that gets me – the hunger moon. Project yourself backwards, into a time when naming moons was more appropriate than naming days. With short, bitter cold days, not much food left, quiet. The hunger moon. Does that touch something inside you?

~ by kbosin on February 8, 2012.

3 Responses to “The hunger moon”

  1. What a great photo! I saw that moon a bit later in the evening, when it was high and white. I had heard “snow moon” but not “hunger moon,” which is, I think, more appropriate.

    • Yes. Ten hours later, that moon shot across the sky and ended up shining right into my bedroom window, waking me at 4am. It was small and white then, but powerful. How much light does it take to wake a person from restful sleep? It’s a powerful moon.

  2. beautiful photo, which i had seen it when you did

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