A February Friday night

…in Mayberry. Patti’s great mid-winter idea – making valentines, eating desserts.

We had rollicking music, Kirke made a proclamation and our Valentine queen, Carol Kabler, was crowned. We sang her a song. We visited, ate sweets and played art. It was absolutely terrific. A winter evening with neighbors. 

You’ve heard talk about “third place” – not where you live, or work, but that third place, where people gather for the real stuff in life – civil society, social surroundings. It used to be the post office, at Martha and Jim’s. Now it has shifted to the church (You’ll recall that the Claiborne Community Association purchased the church from the local Methodists, for use as a village hall. Saved it, from disappearing like so many other wooden churches – without people, without maintenance, these old structures can melt into the marshes in the blink of an eye.) Every single time we drink wine on a Monday, or read poetry, make valentines, have potluck and certainly – every time we sing there – the building morphs from its sacred past into its new sacred future – our third place – truly a village hall.

You have never seen such inspiring art supplies laid out on tables – ever! Stamps, candies, letters, doilies, love quotes, hearts, crayons, glitter, papers, plastic and ribbons and markers and pastels and yarns and ding-dong-doodles. It was WAY fun.

I heard something about ping pong, but didn’t see it – I was too focused on the valentine tables. And the chocolate covered caramels.

And guess what – as I was leaving – Anna brought me a valentine from Stella! Bee-youtiful! Touched!

~ by kbosin on February 11, 2012.

2 Responses to “A February Friday night”

  1. That looks like SO much fun! Gorgeous photos. It is obvious that Claiborne is full o’LOVE.

  2. Lovely little community, that Bedford Falls!

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