The winter woods

are mostly gray.

The loblolly pines reach to heaven, but on the ground – clumps of moss, alive and bright.

It’s always surprising to walk in the winter woods – visibility reaches far, and the space feels deep and broad.

I made a visit to a wooded estate – a couple hundred acres. The lane is a full mile in length, and sometimes, especially in summer, I lose my breath on this lane – claustrophobia steps in after a few twists, when I can’t see my way in or out again.  Don’t tell, but in summer, although I always start out at the recommended 10 mph, after a half mile, I panic and speed just to get out of those tight woods and into the sunshine, where I can breathe again.

Look! There! Do you see it? The opening. The end of the lane. (whew!)

Wait a minute! Moose Crossing? In Maryland? Don’t believe everything you see on a sign, eh? There are no moose on Delmarva – really.

But moss? Thick and luscious, comfy and spongy. Lots of it. If I was a fairy, or a wood nymph, or a small mouse or chipmunk, I’d lay right down and nap on it, right there….in the deep and quiet wintertime woods.

~ by kbosin on February 15, 2012.

3 Responses to “The winter woods”

  1. Loved this post. The moss is so inviting, but the woods can be terrifying when there’s no end to the road. Lovely photos! Thanks for posting.

  2. I’ve never seen moss so brilliant, lush and green… positively mawesome!

  3. beautiful photos and loved your storyline Kathy!

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